The topic of self esteem comes up in a myriad of ways, and most of us, at one time or another, have felt:

  • Crippled by third-party criticism

  • Out of place in different groups including family, friends, and peers

  • A lack of accomplishment, even though we may have done our best in different life circumstances.

And the list may go on! It is clear, however, that the above feeling(s) are not reserved for people in certain income groups, or weight groups, or educational groups. You might be wealthy, slender, well educated, successful in a particular role, yet still have self-esteem issues. Most people, at one point in time, have had to grapple with lack of confidence in a situation or two. What is concerning, though, is when these feelings persist. So how do you nurture feelings of confidence most of the time so you can always overcome periods of self-doubt?

  • Begin recognizing your own value. Notice the things you do that bring you pleasure and satisfaction. Please note that these things should never include things that hurt or bring pain to others. The value should be about things that benefit you and humanity.

  • Be authentic in your response to stimuli in your environment. This is one of the most challenging actions to take because we may have given in to others to keep the peace, or we often fear reprisals for expressing our true feelings. But you can only boost your self esteem by asserting your truth quietly, yet powerfully.

Take ownership of your authentic position. Wavering to avoid conflict only brings more of what you are trying to avoid. It is natural to make some mistakes by taking certain positions but you can forgive yourself and shake it off. Our mistakes present opportunities for growth. Make the necessary adjustments to smooth the path of growth so you can move towards your empowered self. The consistent desire to be happy will turn the page and ultimately boost your self-esteem for a long time to come. As you take the above steps, be aware that these feelings of strength and beauty are within you and they can only emerge from within. In my experience, I have noted that people having challenges with their self worth tend to self-isolate, while believing that they are being ignored. There’s an Akan proverb “Me ye nipa wo nnipa mu,” which literally translates to “I am somebody amongst people.” No one achieves greatness alone. You need others to acknowledge you, so choose to be present. It may be necessary to get a new perspective by working with a coach who can help you:

  1. Identify things that may be sabotaging your progress, and/or

  2. Develop specific strategies that will enable you to achieve your desired results.

When you draw a plan to overcome your self-esteem challenges, you will be able to open up to opportunities that will bring more joy to your life. I truly believe that there’s nothing more beautiful than being who you are. This means you must leave your shortcomings for another day and begin accepting all the wonderful things about you.