The beginning of summer is just around the corner and I am ready for it! Are you?

As humans, we can all agree that we have multiple personalities that are a direct result of our life experiences. We may have encountered people who make us question even whether God exists. Although we may not know how we got through some of it, the fact that we are alive today is proof that we experienced miracles by grace, which lifted us from these incomprehensible situations. Some of these miracles cannot be framed into a story, but they happened nevertheless.

Sometimes, we express our wounded-ness in relationship to others, behaving sadly, bitterly, aggressively, vengefully, cruelly, maliciously, sourly or spitefully. There are those who can never seem to let go of a past. There are others who never remember anything good someone has done for them. They begrudge everyone and everything. They seem to twirl in the dungeons of negativity almost all the time, and it is challenging to be around them. Sometimes, they expect others to put them on a pedestal undeservingly. Fruit from these trees would be sour, colorless, bitter to the bite, and it might even hurt your gums or teeth to eat.

But there are others who experience the same wounded-ness and yet they are able to turn these injuries into the most sunny, warm personalities. They are pleasant, hospitable, generous, inspiring, optimists, kind, gracious, and always loving. They twirl in the frequency of goodness and love. The fruit from these trees is just simply yummy. It feels like summer with every bite. It is filling, delicious, light and sweet.

The transition from bitterness to sweetness depends on how we see our universe. We can make light of our circumstances only if we have faith that all good, all love comes from the Source, and no matter what is going on in our universe, we are assured that light supersedes darkness; that the sun will always rise from the east and set in the west. These assurances and the divine order of things are grounds to lay down our burdens and just enjoy the blessing of life and the season.

I am reminded that none of us is promised tomorrow. We have only today to make the most of everything within our universes. Simply, we can only place emphasis on the things that bring us joy. It not only demonstrates our gratitude for having life, but we also become able to live moment to moment from that point on. This latter stage of spiritual development is what allows us to live freely, and live fully. In this state, there is no room to hold on to feelings of anger, vengefulness, and retaliation. The fruits from these trees are just not worthy of who we are.

Our transformations are meant for good. Our diversity is meant for good. The variations exist so we can experience different flavors of food, fruits, dances, and language.

With all this abundance, who would choose a sour experience? I know of no one—no one who understands the framework within which Source operates—who would choose other than happiness! So this summer, share only the sweetness borne out from knowing and experiencing that state of joy and goodness. Yum!