About Mensimah Shabazz

About Mensimah Shabazz

Mensimah Shabazz believes in a world where women live authentic, impassioned lives—where each woman is able to leverage power in their personal leadership choices. Mensimah calls this “the dignity of being!”

Societal norms have taught and set expectations on what women need to do to be “good,” and “successful.” In our worldview, we often see men being given a platform to generate power by default. Women, on the other hand, experience challenges when they attempt to transcend their personal leadership and power. This is so, because the structure in place blocks that advancement, and therein lays the inability to leverage our power easily and fluidly. The premise for women’s empowerment lies with our ability to define our personal leadership values. We leverage power by balancing being a leader with being in partnership with others and self.

Mensimah believes that to transform, we (women) must engage fully the four levels of our existence—spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels, integrate with outer, cultural and societal experiences in order to balance and leverage power in all our relationships and experiences.

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Sankofa The Autobiography

The author of Sankofa: Learning from Hindsight, Mensimah offers a unique perspective on spiritual and intuitive living drawn from her multi-cultural, multi-lingual and indigenous background.

Here’s the description for the book:

“Sankofa: Learning from Hindsight is autobiographical and begins with my life growing up in Ghana, West Africa. It presents a cross-cultural perspective living in different countries (Ghana, Italy, Brazil, United States) and synthesizes ancient wisdom from my culture. I articulate the tremendous demands made on me as an African woman, and share ways of using spiritual transcendence as a vehicle towards empowerment.

This story also shares the wisdom, resilience and unforgettable lessons as in many women’s stories. I believe that every woman that reads “Sankofa: Learning from Hindsight,” especially those searching to recap and bring value to their life experiences, would benefit immensely from the transformational processes that are highlighted, and experience love, peace, joy and abundance.”

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Transformational Coaching in Connecticut

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching helps clients to develop a greater awareness of what is out of alignment and empowers them to embody new ways of being.

Group Counseling in Connecticut

Group Counseling

Group Counseling provides a supportive environment to discuss problems and concerns and to work toward your goals.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Engagements

Mensimah Shabazz is an inspiring speaker whose passion focuses on women’s empowerment, women’s spirituality, and diversity.

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