Divine Colors: Being Black in a Shaded, Modern World

One American saying that I like a lot is, “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!” Whilst I may not use this statement often, I have found myself saying that a lot lately, and I’d like to share a couple of things that make me feel sick and tired. But upon second thought, I realize that this is never a good way to start a conversation or establish a friendship. Instead, I will take you on quick trip to Ghana, to my father’s tribal homeland Oguaa, or Cape Coast, located on the southern part of the country.I [...]

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The Journey to the Shining City on a Hill

Recent events at the US Capitol compel me to write a reflection on the journey to the shining city on a hill. Those of us who have lived through an insurrection at least once, could probably point out exactly what would have happened at the US Capitol if the attempt to overthrow the United States government had succeeded, but I find that my focus is on how my experiences in several coup d’etats give me an insight into the politics of our humanity. I grew up in Ghana, on the West Coast of Africa, and I interestingly associate with a [...]

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The Shape of Love

My father died in 1958 and before my third birthday. Around the same time I believe I came to be living with my maternal grandparents. As I wrote in my autobiography, Sankofa: Learning from Hindsight, I felt like I lived in paradise and I was afforded all the playfulness I could manufacture. At about fourth grade, I gained a mother, an older sister, and an older brother. Into the picture, also came my Uncle Kwame, who had moved back into the country from England after his studies. He was now the chief engineer of Ghana Airways.My Uncle Kwame would pick [...]

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Stand with Humanity!

There's a lot of tension in our world now and a few people are trying their best to create more chaos than allow the rest of us to live peacefully. It is imperative we stand with humanity, find balance and respect for our common good. We must heal racial animus. Watch the video "Stand with Humanity" by AGAPE Consulting on Facebook Live

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The Middle Ground is my Playground!

I started this blog with the title “Top Three!” for the top three reasons why I am ecstatic about the shift in our reality and our state of affairs. I am not naïve to think that one change, who is president of the United States, would solve all problems. But if you know me, you may have heard me say many times that there is no separation between you and me. So what does that mean now?Let’s see whether I can combine these two titles.In my native Akan language, we say “nipa ye nipa wo nnipa mu,” which means, “a [...]

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The current global pandemic—COVID-19, has changed our lives for the foreseeable future, and we wanted to send you a quick update on everything we’re doing to assist you — AGAPE Consulting has moved to an online Coaching/Tele-health format. Our services are offered via Zoom, FaceTime, and Phone. We believe that there are many degrees of wellness and each individual is unique in their response to challenges. We show clients how to integrate and develop an attitude that is consistent with spiritual practice, mental, emotional and physical commitment that promote growth. Framed in various spiritual traditions it is fair to assert [...]

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Women’s Empowerment Circle: Living by Grace in a Period of Uncertainty

Women's Empowerment Circle: Living by Grace in a Period of Uncertainty Seven-Week Online Retreat Life as we know it has changed, my friends. As we face these sweeping changes in our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical experiences, we must begin to focus our attention on how to navigate, restore balance and trust in our new paradigm. In my native land of Ghana, we believe that grace represents a harmonious transformation into greater wisdom, compassion and joy. Consequently, our communion and connection with Source allow all good to flow to us by grace, regardless of religion, background or personal history. We [...]

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Life Coach Path Interview

I was recently interviewed by Brandon Baker of Life Coach Path and I am pleased to share our discussion with you. I know firsthand that investing in yourself by working with a transformational coach can be a challenging step to take, but you get to work with someone who triggers in you your own ability to heal. If you are able to learn to balance your intuition, thoughts, and emotions through the process, I feel that it is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Here's the link: http://www.nationalcoachacademy.com/coach-interview-series-mensimah-shabazz Here's the Life Coach Path website: https://www.lifecoachpath.com/

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