Being a Queen in Your Own Life: A Reflection.

In this episode, I am integrating what seemingly is going on in the outer world with Queen Elizabeth’s passing and Holding the Holy Vision of the Feminine conversations that we have discussed in a couple of previous episodes. And the topic I addressing is, how we are being queens in our lives? I am in a private conversation with my soul sisters in a different group and I thought it appropriate to extend this conversation to all my listeners, where each woman can really take a moment to dissect and incorporate their own ideas about what it means to be [...]

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Celebrating the Sacred and the Ordinary in Becoming Woman!

Celebrating the Sacred and the Ordinary in Becoming Woman is about our first initiation into womanhood and how we felt about it. There are three stages in a woman's life--the virgin, mother and crone. The embodiment of each stage is pertinent to how we feel about ourselves in the present. We go through these rites of passage either appreciating them as sacred moments or dismissing them as ordinary. In understanding the Holy Vision of the Feminine, it is important to revisit the first rite of passage, or first initiation into womanhood, examine managed the process. We all have stories to [...]

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Understanding and Holding the Holy Vision of the Feminine Within!

In this episode, I discuss the Holy Vision of the Feminine Within. If we look at the conditions women continue to live all over the world, we recognize that there had been a deliberate erosion of feminine images (example the Orisha goddesses) that showcased strength as in the daughters of the ancient mothers Yemoja, Osun and Oya who came to the earth to awaken and refine qualities of nurturance and strength (Yemoja); beauty and Love (Osun) power and passion (Oya). I discuss all forms of violence against women, including rape and how that experience impact body armoring, sexuality and intimacy [...]

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Conversation with Rev. Rita Koranteng, Ghana on Facing Up to Our Challenges as Powerful Women!

My guest this week is Reverend Rita Koranteng (Mama Rita) who currently lives in Kumasi, Ghana. She started her career as a secretary working for the Ghana Denmark Association. In 2001, she attended Central University College and earned her degree in Theology. She was ordained as a minister in 2014. She got married and was blessed with a ministry in Accra, Ghana.In 2018, she run an online radio program dubbed "Restoration Hour" for two years and in 2019, she she moved from Accra to Kumasi and established a new church. She also continued her entrepreneurship by opening new businesses including [...]

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Writing a Hymn of Praise to Yourself and Your Gifts – A Direct Conversation with You!

I feel called to have a direct conversation with you and share inner processes that would enhance our well being. We are all on a spiritual journey, and we may ask "what is a journey?" It is a metaphor for one's life. So how are you handling life?This episode highlights the real journey and the metaphors for transformation. Are you moving into new beginnings? Are you in the clearing process of endings?Who is the making the journey difficult?How are you handling detours, contentment? Who are your greatest teachers? Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.Here's the assignment:“..Write a Hymn of praise [...]

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Special Episode: Living by Grace in a Period of Uncertainty.

I just visited Ghana, my place of birth. It is obvious that there are stark differences between what is valued in Ghana and America—differences about wealth, health, happiness, love, success, prosperity and money. I will address these in future podcasts with guests. Living by grace is a beautiful concept because it lessens the pressure we put on ourselves, ultimately allowing room to live joyfully, especially during periods of uncertainty.As I continue my travels, I hope to share insights and wisdom to facilitate our wellbeing — together as divine beings on this planet.Autobiography support our channel. Links:Mensimah's Round Table - Join [...]

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Special Episode: Moving through the Seven Mansions of Wisdom, Power and Grace.

In this episode, I take a position on the recent Supreme Court decision in reversing Roe vs. Wade. My focus, however, was not to get entrenched in the political persuasions of the day, but rather to highlight a spiritual path of wisdom, which Saint Teresa of Avila, a mystical theologian used to reorganize her Order. She speaks of the dignity of each soul in grace, and shows a path one can follow to uplift that dignity.I note also that a matriarch’s embodiment of spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and dignity is based on three distinct understandings: The physical changes in her body- [...]

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Special Episode: Creating a Sacred Space for the Goddess in You!

In this episode, I referenced the importance of relating to sacred images of the feminine and highlighted images of powerful women in history who could influence our dispositions, especially weary ones. If we created a sacred space, where we could commune daily with our powerful inner selves, we will realize that there is nothing we cannot do or be. We have work to do to save this planet, and we implement the changes we need only via spiritual strength. If we are spiritually strong, we can subsequently change the outer world. Creating a sacred space allows us to heal old [...]

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Conversation with Myrna Garcia-Bowen on Building Stronger Communities and Resources for Our Youth

Myrna Garcia-Bowen started her career in higher education in 1982 at Eastern CT State University. While there she held the position of Assistant to the Director of Admissions. Two years later she was promoted to Assistant Director of Admissions. Myrna was hired at Central Connecticut State University where she served as the Director of Recruitment and Admissions until 2005. In 2005 to present she holds the title of Director of the Office of Transfer and Academic Articulations. Throughout her tenure in higher education, she has been an advocate for Women’s Rights and Social Justice for all underrepresented populations.    In 1983 MS Garcia-Bowen became involved [...]

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Special Episode: Loving What I do & Feeling the Flow of Grace!

I appreciate you tuning in every two weeks to listen to the conversations with other women of power and grace. In this episode, I'd like to take the opportunity to give you a glimpse of who I am and the reasons behind what I do, and how I do it. I bear testimony of divine providence and grace. I believe that the universe endows us with gifts and resources to support our transformation(s). If and when we yield to our calling and trust the processes that unfold, we live with heightened awareness. We literally experience the heavens opening, and feeling [...]

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