Things that Make You Say Ah!

I was just up Santa Fe New Mexico and we were surrounded by snow capped mountains and it was just spectacular! And the beauty of all around just made me gasp. Just made me say ah!And then I thought we are always surrounded by such beauty and how many times do we stop and notice? Or stop and look, or to take it all in; give it some thought or love for having the opportunity to experience something that magical? These mesmerizing moments show us how much emphasis we may putting on things that are less important than what our spiritual [...]

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Who Are You Being Today?

We can all agree that we can have multiple personalities that are a direct result of our life experiences and the roles we play. We may have experienced some woundedness on this journey we call life. Oftentimes, we are not able to give a step by step detail of how we got through some of those experiences. The fact that we are alive today is proof that we experienced miracles by grace. Some of these miracles cannot be framed into a story, but they happened nevertheless.With this in mind, we could shift focus from the pain of those experiences that [...]

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Developing a Reflective Routine for Inner Growth: Part 2

I am immensely grateful because our tribe of women of power and grace, will always be open to reaching a hand to someone else who needs our insight so they may step fully into the goddess energy in and around us.In working with reflective questions, we must remember that every question takes us on a quest—a quest for truth, for authenticity, and finding our unique ways of expression. In Part 2, we review the paths of the Visionary and Teacher.The visionary and teacher impress upon us to have the ability to connect to our inner vision and be open to outcome. [...]

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Developing a Reflective Routine for Inner Growth!

This week, our conversation is about reflection and developing a reflective routine to enhance our inner work and growth. I integrate the first two of four archetypal ways that support our true nature--the way of the warrior, the way of the healer. You will find reflective processes in all spiritual traditions, and they are intended to be a means of preparation, help us remember our life’s dreams, our purpose or calling, and for the sole reason of staying connected to the great gift of life.In my coaching with clients, I pose reflective questions weekly for participants to enable them to [...]

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Forgiveness: Unburdening Ourselves from the Past.

We have all heard about the importance of forgiveness and the role it plays in our healing, spiritual development and growth. This is a topic you will encounter in every spiritual practice or avenue you embark on.When we feel wronged by another, we tend to hold the pain, disappointment or wounded- ness in our bodies, hearts and minds for a long, long time. We even often cycle through this pain, talking about it often, re-member-ing or reliving the pain sometimes, for years and years.It is imperative that we find a mechanism or channel to release old hurts. The act of [...]

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Curbing Distractions on Life’s Journey

Our conversation on keeping life simple in 2023 continues, and our first focus is on how to curb distractions in our lives--people and things that interfere with our peace of mind, and move us away from our inner perspectives and quietude.We are all on a spiritual journey, whether we acknowledge it, know it or not. We all are presented equal opportunities by grace to formulate the lives that we desire for ourselves. We must incorporate the universal principles of individuation and relatedness to balance the inequities in society and our lives.Autobiography support/subscribe our channels Contact Links:Mensimah's Round Table - Join [...]

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Keeping Life Simple in 2023!

We just entered a new year, and our cultural or societal tradition is to come up with goals, and a long list of things we want to accomplish or change in this year. Creating a vision for ourselves requires an inward look, and as a practical experience unfolds, we may have to embrace ourselves in the midst of uncertainty and find our truth. We women have been conditioned to be strong and most of us have the superwoman complex.We often don't find the strength to say no to the very things we know our hearts want us to say no [...]

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Doing the inner Work for the New Journey in 2023

We are heading into the new year and I want to share some thoughts on doing the inner work and how it leads to new journeys and paths. I use the number 7 9seven) to demonstrate the universal themes in our reality that shapes our spiritual and material growth.We live in a universe that is in a continuous creation mode, and we are in vibration mode constantly. We must therefore attune to the 7 portals of inner life: Mental peace, Emotional peace, Intuitive peace, Physical peace, Personal peace, Cultural peace and Global peace. And we can experience this peace by [...]

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Self-Healing Principles and Techniques That Work!

Our topic this week is about universal healing principles. There are several universal healing principles and processes that are easily recognized across cultures, and I want to discuss how we can integrate a few of them to sustain health and well-being.I share thoughts on recognizing Humor, Music, Self Esteem, Nature, and the Supernatural as forming parts of our inner and outer healing.When we process these universal healing principles, and integrate a spiritual practice, we would balance life issues that lead to self-healing and transformation. To empower our respective journeys as women, we must open and integrate a worldview that allows [...]

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Understanding the Seven Rites of Passage for Inner Transformation

Hello my dear Friends,This episode's focus is on the Seven Rites of Passage or the Seven Universal Rites of Passage, which is taking place all the time in our lives. They occur in both inner and outer levels and we have to manage the changes occurring, letting go as new self emerges. The seven rites are:Birth - entering into a new life, born out of inner prodding.Entry - reaching out and connecting with others.Initiation - learning new things.Mergence - integrating, remembering that you can only change you.Demonstration - sharing what you know, when you become the teacher or guide.Attainment - [...]

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