Filling Your Cup Meditation

In this meditation, we are going to practice filling our own cups with gratitude, expressing thanks along with all of the living things around us. The fountain inspires us to appreciate the gifts in our life. This fountain never goes dry so long as we keep gratitude alive in our hearts. Feel the water flowing through your body inspiring even more gratitude to arise within you. Envision your life perking up and blossoming with renewed energy. Breathing easily, simply enjoy your time in this garden for the next few moments, peaceful and relaxed. Always remember that you can return to [...]

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Noticing Our Helpers!

This episode carries over from our last conversation that God is in Everything. This thought/belief creates a premise and question about why we go through certain challenges if God is omnipresent. How do we try everything we know but sometimes nothing moves in any direction even with our best efforts? It is true that life is full of ups and downs. The ebb and flow guide us through our transformations and they are for our growth. So, how should we get through difficult days, weeks, months, sometimes years when nothing or most things seem not to move according to our [...]

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God Is In Everything!

Today, I invite you to embark on a journey of exploration as we delve into the intriguing concept that "God is in Everything." This idea challenges us to expand our understanding of spirituality and recognize the divine presence in all aspects of life. So, let's dive in and discover the profound implications of this statement.The belief that God is in everything invites us to embrace the mystery and paradoxes of life. It encourages us to let go of rigid definitions and open ourselves to the vastness of divine presence. By doing so, we can find solace in the unknown, appreciate [...]

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The Power of Gratitude for Sleep

We live in the part of the world where our work schedules, and or stressful lifestyles have impact on how much and how well we sleep at night. This week’s topic is using The Power of Gratitude for sleep.One of the reasons why it can be so hard to fall asleep at night is because we often have these feelings of agitation or worry or planning. Have you noticed this? Sometimes we're laying in bed, ready to go to sleep, or we just can't stop thinking about something. Thoughts just keep coming in and out of the mind incessantly. Sometimes, [...]

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Rise and Shine with A Smile Meditation!

We know that having a meditation and/or mindfulness practice is essential to cultivating inner peace, joy, happiness and consequently, abundance. We are offering meditations that would harness divine feminine energies in and around you. Visualize what your life would feel like when you heighten your awareness, presence, and wisdom. Claim your place on this planet as a woman of power and grace!Please subscribe and support our channels. See links below.Do you want to create your personal ebook for your important journal entries and meditation sessions? love!Autobiography subscribe/support our channelsReflective/Inner Work: https://PayPal.Me/MRTPodcast Links:Mensimah's Round Table - Join Women's Group [...]

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The Freedom To Be!

The topic for this episode is “The Freedom to Be!We celebrate independence as a country (as in many other countries) from imperialism, colonialism, and down to apartheid systems and invasions. The common denominator in all these systems is oppression. There is always a country, or another entity that holds power over something, someone, or groups of people. And “power over” is the keyword here.When people have power over others, it means that they take away their very essence of being—and we see that in many ways, our suffering also increases under these kinds of oppression. And these kinds of oppression [...]

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I AM Surrendered!

Happy Friday, beautiful members of my tribe!Who are members of my tribe? We are all women of power and grace. And who is a woman of Power & Grace?Here’s my definition… She is unapologetically herself. She feels beautiful and fully present in her own reality. She understands love and speaks her truth. She acknowledges her strength, intuition and faith. Best of all, she sees her place in this universe, sharing her gifts with all! She is queen mother and daughter of the Most High One!No one is you! No one can imitate you! No one can manage life with your exact [...]

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Dance, Shake and Roll with Life In Our 50th Episode!

This past week- the Tina Turner-an idol, an icon, a legend, a mother, a woman of power and grace left this mortal arena to claim her place in the spiritual realm. In this week’s podcast I would like to spend some time talking about her and how she exemplified being a woman of grace and power. In her 2020 book, Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life for Good, she writes: I’ve reflected a lot about adversity over the past decade while I battled a series of severe health crises that nearly killed me. Through it all, I had many opportunities [...]

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My goal is to share some personal experiences with you in this episode. I have, in almost every episode, underscored the importance of having a spiritual practice and I feel it is pertinent to share a personal journey I experienced with you because it showcases how our world could expand when we open ourselves up to spiritual intelligence. It guides us to some awesome places. My goodness! What a treat!WHY DID I title this episode Breathe?No one taught you and I how to breathe.Supposing you were given all that you desire in an instant but you were told you will [...]

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Yes! It is About YOU!…

I have talked about distractions in the past and the many different ways that we get distracted from our paths and journeys of love. If you think about it, and all the people you know in your life, destructive criticisms come from just a handful of people, yet they seem so “loud,” it can make you feel like everyone else is against you. After a while, you become sensitized to their noises, and you begin to "forget" about all the other people who truly love you. You also begin to forget about who you truly are. How would you go about [...]

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