Hello my dear Friends,

This episode’s focus is on the Seven Rites of Passage or the Seven Universal Rites of Passage, which is taking place all the time in our lives. They occur in both inner and outer levels and we have to manage the changes occurring, letting go as new self emerges. The seven rites are:

  1. Birth – entering into a new life, born out of inner prodding.
  2. Entry – reaching out and connecting with others.
  3. Initiation – learning new things.
  4. Mergence – integrating, remembering that you can only change you.
  5. Demonstration – sharing what you know, when you become the teacher or guide.
  6. Attainment – living in a new state of being-ness.
  7. Death or Release – the capacity to let go.

There are several questions posed after each rite of passage to generate some reflection. These questions and process has helped me in the past and hope they do the same for you.

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