We can all agree that we can have multiple personalities that are a direct result of our life experiences and the roles we play. We may have experienced some woundedness on this journey we call life. Oftentimes, we are not able to give a step by step detail of how we got through some of those experiences. The fact that we are alive today is proof that we experienced miracles by grace. Some of these miracles cannot be framed into a story, but they happened nevertheless.

With this in mind, we could shift focus from the pain of those experiences that made us bitter, sad or disappointed to being warm, pleasant, hospitable, generous, inspiring, optimists, kind, gracious, and loving.

The transition from bitterness to sweetness depends on how we see our universe. We can make light of our circumstances only if we have faith that all good, all love comes from the Source, and no matter what is going on in our external world, we are assured that light supersedes darkness; that the sun will always rise from the east and set in the west. These assurances and the divine order of things are grounds to lay down the burdens we bear and just enjoy the blessing of life and the new seasons.

Happy Spring Equinox!

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