Acknowledging the Feminine Face of the Divine

This episode is about facilitating women’s empowerment groups with the sole goal of bringing women together to share our experiences and find the commonalities in our stories, as well as support each other in the challenges we face. As a facilitator, I can attest to the growth we all experience at the end of the seven-week conversations. We bonded, with our identities fully expressed spiritually, ceremoniously, using music, song, meditation, drums and an exciting array of food, and desserts! Our sense of self is identified in the everyday experiences of our lives and for me, the spiritual component must be present to enable us to connect deeply to who we truly are.  

It is imperative to recognize that the stories of our lives, yours and mine, are teaching stories that can and directly lead to an enriched understanding if the Sacred Feminine. It is pertinent to also acknowledge that all the stuff of life is part of the sacred.

Thanks again for joining me. Your support makes me feel gratified.


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