Celebrating the Sacred and the Ordinary in Becoming Woman is about our first initiation into womanhood and how we felt about it. There are three stages in a woman’s life–the virgin, mother and crone. The embodiment of each stage is pertinent to how we feel about ourselves in the present. We go through these rites of passage either appreciating them as sacred moments or dismissing them as ordinary. In understanding the Holy Vision of the Feminine, it is important to revisit the first rite of passage, or first initiation into womanhood, examine managed the process. We all have stories to tell about our first menstruation. It still informs how we feel about our femininity. It may have been quite a while ago, but it is important for mothers to sit and talk to their daughters (age appropriate) about the first initiation and celebrate it in a way that honors this important step. It is important because the first menstruation is the “first major crisis in the life of a woman. It shocks her radically.”

I share my story, ending with writing a letter of initiation to myself. This inner work–if you choose to do it– would allow you to dispel any misconceptions about womanhood and expand your awareness and embodiment of the different stages within. The exercise enabled me to let go of old stories, being a girl, and appreciating my body even more.

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