Rebecca Loveless, MA is a Structured Word Inquiry Coach. She is a passionate educator, who works with students, teachers, and other literacy professionals to help all children learn to read and write with confidence and joy. She is a lover of words, etymology, and storytelling, and she can explain the reason for many crazy spellings of English words. She also engages with a rich and varied spiritual practice, which fueled bringing her entrepreneurial visions to life. She coaches for the Sacred Wealth Code program, encouraging other visionary women to step forward into their unique brilliance.

Rebecca holds a bachelor’s degree in linguistics, a master’s in education, and several years of postgraduate coursework in orthographic linguistics. She practices yoga, meditation, gardening, and generally communing with nature. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and writes about her work at

This expansive conversation covers important topics such as:

  • Challenges with Covid from an Educator’s perspective
  • Literacy Programs and using Structured Word Inquiry
  • Being present and moving forward with love
  • Nurturing ourselves as parents, women, caregivers
  • Languages in general, importance in learning a second language
  • Influencing our inner circles
  • Women supporting women
  • Holding the vision for a unified world, and so much more.


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