Happy Friday, beautiful members of my tribe!

Who are members of my tribe? We are all women of power and grace. And who is a woman of Power & Grace?

Here’s my definition… 

She is unapologetically herself. She feels beautiful and fully present in her own reality. She understands love and speaks her truth. She acknowledges her strength, intuition and faith. Best of all, she sees her place in this universe, sharing her gifts with all! She is queen mother and daughter of the Most High One!

No one is you! No one can imitate you! No one can manage life with your exact same sensibilities, and that is your power. Cultivate inner peace so you will always be able to tap into your creative side because it is that unique expression that sets your heart apart from anything and everyone else. 

So the topic for this week is I AM SURRENDERED!

After you have written your biggest dreams down, we have to surrender it before we get in the mode of setting expectations and becoming attached to outcome. I know we walk a difficult path sometimes. IT CAN REALLY BE HARD. That is why I applaud all women who bare their souls to bring awareness to issues in our society, AND we will make progress when we educate others that no one has the right to violate our space, body and sense of wellness. NO ONE!

If we can do this, together we will rise.


When you are facing challenges–relationship challenges, mother-daughter challenges, or other children challenges, educational challenges, career challenges, family challenges, and the list goes on, one of the ways to get relief is to surrender all to a higher power. Some of us believe that to surrender, we are allowing someone else to push all the buttons in our lives. But I assure you, that as a spiritual being, you are here to co-create with this higher power.  

Surrendering may feel like a weakness — but in reality, it is the most uplifting place to be. Because you remove all resistance. Remember that what you resist, persists!

When you surrender, you let go of all expectations, unhealthy attachments, and outcomes. It’s like creating a space around you, and in that space, you are able to begin doing the inner work– Go deeper, and deeper, and transform painful experiences one at a time. 

Before you know it, you shift into a positive space where you surrender to love.

To loving yourself fiercely.

To stop giving yourself to others so much..

And open to receive.. receive all the good that’s waiting to come into your life for your highest good. 


I believe everyone can set aside 5 minutes each day to increase your focus, open your mind, and achieve your desired goals. All that you need to do is relax, close your eyes and breathe.

I have faced many challenges in my life. And oh yes! There were times I was beside myself. And some of these challenges started when I was very young. For example, Just before my eleventh birthday, when I was sent to a girls boarding school hours away from home. Yes, I hated it, but not because I was throwing a tantrum. I met some of the scariest women ever. And it crushed me, because I had this innate knowing how we women can be nurturing and supportive of one another. I wrote the details of some of encounters that made me despondent in my book Sankofa: Learning from Hindsight. But I had the inner strength to strategize my exit. I had the gift on intuition, and that tool helped me to cope and step aside from the trauma I was experiencing into a space that transcended this earthly heavy way of living. I learnt the technique of setting aside the painful realities, entering a space of peace, and clarity.

Please Surrender! You will find a new realm of infinite possibilities as you master this. By releasing what is rigid within us, we free ourselves from what holds us back. We open and soften our hearts to impassioned living and with purpose! How do we learn to surrender?

Let’s try a simple practice. for 5 minutes…

Please listen to the end.

Thank you and many blessings!



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