This episode carries over from our last conversation that God is in Everything. This thought/belief creates a premise and question about why we go through certain challenges if God is omnipresent. How do we try everything we know but sometimes nothing moves in any direction even with our best efforts?

It is true that life is full of ups and downs. The ebb and flow guide us through our transformations and they are for our growth. So, how should we get through difficult days, weeks, months, sometimes years when nothing or most things seem not to move according to our plan(s)?

Do you feel the universe supports you no matter what?

Noticing our helpers can shift our perspective from challenges, difficulties, to recognizing that we have helpers all around us each moment of everyday and we will always have them in one form or another. Let’s put that to the test.

Bring to mind anyone who has ever helped you in your life. Remember all the way back to your mother and father perhaps, or your family, those who helped raise you.

Recall who it was that taught you the most basic survival skills in life–who taught you how to eat, how to brush your teeth, how to tie your shoes…

Recall all the traditional teachers and helpers in your life, remembering who taught you how to read, how to critically think, who taught you how to ask questions, or wonder… 

And then also invite in those who occupy non-traditional roles, someone you know who helped you by simply being an example, or a listener, or someone who was an inspiration. 

And then maybe there have been helpers in your life who appeared in challenging ways, forceful, even wrathful perhaps, and if you’d like to, invite them too, to sit up there with the others, smiling down upon you. 

Invite in anyone else who deserves a place of honor, anyone whose life has changed the course of yours. Anyone who has contributed to who you are. 

And once they are up there, feel their presence. See them, smiling upon you, proud of you, loving you. Feel their support, their love and their care for you… Allow your body to be held by all that love and kindness, and recognize why it is that you are here, meditating, continuing to grow, continuing to learn, walking the path of self improvement. 

Recognize also how precious that is, and recognize how each one of your helpers has somehow contributed to your arrival right here in this place and time. In your own words, thank your helpers. As you thank them, send them light from your heart, smiling back upon them, as they smile down at you. And then visualize each and every one of your helpers, and all the light surrounding them dissolving into one bright shining ball of gold.

Feel that light slowly descend from the sky above you to the center of your heart. Feel its warmth, the warmth of your countless helpers within you. Stay connected to that warmth as you slowly open your eyes. Remember all your helpers, and that light within you heart as you move about your day. 

Many blessings!


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