Conversation with Prof. Donna Hylton on Inspiring People from All Strata of Life.

Donna Hylton is a technology professional and community leader with over 30 years of experience. Donna began her technology career in college while working as a Data Center Coordinator in New York City. She has worked as an end-user database specialist, programmer, systems team leader, and information systems manager before making the transition to academia. In 1997 Donna started teaching at Middlesex Community College as an adjunct professor and was hired full-time in 2000. Today she serves as a professor and Program Coordinator of the Computer Information Technology Systems and Management Information Systems degree programs at the college.Donna has a [...]

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Special Episode: If You Had One Day to Live…

In this episode, I share some thoughts with you about losing loved ones, especially suddenly like 9/11 or other similar situations. There's has been so much tension in our world, transitioning from Covid, as well as globally. There are several conflicts, some making the news and others not. War, in my opinion, is not waged only by physical violence but it is reflected in the environment, our words, our attitudes towards each other.I ask some reflective questions, including what you'd do differently if you had one day to live. This is to shed light on this transient journey we are [...]

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Conversation with Shilpa Ahuja on Acknowledging the Power of a Woman

Shilpa Ahuja is a daughter, wife, mom, entrepreneur, and world traveler. She was born in India, raised in Oman, studied Architecture in London and got married in India, and came to the United States. She started her career in various Architectural firms where she gained a wealth of experience in commercial retail design, creating prototypical building sets for state-of-the-art Gyms, shopping centers, and retail outfits. Her design philosophy has been that an Architect resides within all of us, it’s her job as an Architect to extract the ideas from a client and transfer that into formulating a good, functional, budget-friendly space. During [...]

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Conversation with Sally LaBonte, MFT on Prioritizing our Mental Health & Social Responsibilities.

Sally's love of historic homes and decorating has made working as a licensed real estate professional a natural choice these past few years. She is licensed in the state of Rhode Island and in addition helps individuals and their families with asset management and life protection income in Rhode Island and MA. She worked as a Therapist in private practice and as a consultant to the State of Connecticut and Mental Health Agencies such as Wheeler Clinic and the Child and Family Agency. Sally took time off to raise her three daughters but continued to volunteer at numerous non-profits, at the schools [...]

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Conversation with Shannon Seeley on Bringing Healing and Comfort to Others

Shannon Seeley is a Licensed  Massage Therapist of 12 years she has wide ranging experience from deep tissue clientele all the way to offering touch therapy at Group homes on Sunday mornings. Shannon is a mother of two school aged children , a wife and a friend to many. She started #momlifeunfiltered on Facebook in 2018 looking to help women feel supported and empowered during what could be an isolating period of time. She is my social media specialist and a dear friend of mine. We discuss:Benefits of Massage and Touch Therapy Bringing Healing to othersGratitude to teachers, family, and children of the worldSpiritual [...]

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Conversation with Pearletta (Princess) Lamey on Looking Up in Difficult Moments.

Pearletta Lamey is the Director of Stat-Pro Healthcare Solutions, a CPR training business a CLIA waived Laboratory and a state approved pandemic provider for Connecticut where we offer mobile and onsite covid vaccinations and testing. With over 14 years of Healthcare background, my passion is to provide direct patient care, especially for maternity patients. Pearletta was a Certified Registered Midwife in Jamaica for over 7 years before migrating to the US. After settling here, she restarted my Healthcare journey by becoming a CNA in 2015 and then graduated Lincoln Technical Institute in 2016 as a LPN. She went back to school (Goodwin [...]

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Conversation with Rebecca Loveless on Living and Learning from a Place of Love.

Rebecca Loveless, MA is a Structured Word Inquiry Coach. She is a passionate educator, who works with students, teachers, and other literacy professionals to help all children learn to read and write with confidence and joy. She is a lover of words, etymology, and storytelling, and she can explain the reason for many crazy spellings of English words. She also engages with a rich and varied spiritual practice, which fueled bringing her entrepreneurial visions to life. She coaches for the Sacred Wealth Code program, encouraging other visionary women to step forward into their unique brilliance.Rebecca holds a bachelor's degree in [...]

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Special Episode: Unvarnished Truths about Women of Power and Grace.

In this episode, I am replaying the answers given by guests at the Round Table to the question "Who is a Woman of Power and Grace?Each guest speaks her own unvarnished truth and the words from these powerful women present opportunities for us to absorb the different expressions, attributes, and understanding into our psyche. From this platform, we would be able to engage, accelerate our growth/transformation and subsequently be a channel of blessings to others. The goal is to allow us the space and freedom to declare confidently that we are women of power and grace.Episode 1: Prema Lee Gurreri [...]

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Conversation with Andrea Barton Reeves on Serving the Greater Good for All!

Andrea is the CEO of the Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Authority in Connecticut . She Served as president and CEO of Harc, Inc. — supporting people with intellectual and related disabilities and their families.Former Director of Program Operations at Lawyers for Children America, Inc.,Ten- year career at Chubb Insurance in Operations, leading large-scale implementationsCommunity Engagement:Immediate Past President of the Connecticut Bar Foundation Former Board chair of Village for Families and Children Former Board member of Connecticut Community Nonprofit Alliance Current Vice-Chair, Board of the YWCA, Hartford RegionRecognitions Hartford Business Journal’s ‘Forty Under Forty, and Five New Leaders to [...]

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Conversation with Patricia Campanile on Holding the Light for Humanity!!

Such an appropriate title for these times!Patricia Campanile, M.H.S.A. is a certified global Edgewalker facilitator, business, executive, and life coach and successful trainer, speaker, workshop and retreat leader. For over 30 years she has worked across industry lines with women, leaders, entrepreneurs, not for profit, corporations and national organizations in “REINVENTING SUCCESS FROM THE INSIDE OUT”. Patricia’s passion is inspiring and guiding women in “Reclaiming Their Wholeness” by accessing and contributing their hearts, spirit and full potential to influence others, take an evolutionary leap and impact positive change in their lives, work, communities and the world. Her coaching and presentations to national women’s organizations included starting and leading Women [...]

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