In this episode, I take a position on the recent Supreme Court decision in reversing Roe vs. Wade. My focus, however, was not to get entrenched in the political persuasions of the day, but rather to highlight a spiritual path of wisdom, which Saint Teresa of Avila, a mystical theologian used to reorganize her Order. She speaks of the dignity of each soul in grace, and shows a path one can follow to uplift that dignity.

I note also that a matriarch’s embodiment of spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and dignity is based on three distinct understandings:

  1. The physical changes in her body- menstruation, sexuality, pregnancy, lactation, menopause;
  2. Confronting/responding to challenges and still shine in our wisdom and spirituality; and
  3. Contemplating the Divine Source and allowing, accepting the expressions of her own life experiences as truth.

A reflection on the spiritual journeys of our mothers brings to mind all the women elders—who set a dignified tone for all to emulate. Their lives and generosity of spirit provide the grounding and nurturing needed to ensure the endowment of wisdom that permeates many dimensions.

We can win this new battle….


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