We live in the part of the world where our work schedules, and or stressful lifestyles have impact on how much and how well we sleep at night. This week’s topic is using The Power of Gratitude for sleep.

One of the reasons why it can be so hard to fall asleep at night is because we often have these feelings of agitation or worry or planning. Have you noticed this? Sometimes we’re laying in bed, ready to go to sleep, or we just can’t stop thinking about something. Thoughts just keep coming in and out of the mind incessantly.

Sometimes, we can have the same thought playing over and over and if we can’t go to sleep, oftentimes there’s this feeling of agitation that keeps increasing. One of the practices that we’d like to explore today is a practice of gratitude. A mindfulness practice of appreciating the things in our life or the things in our world that brings a sense of joy and happiness. This can help us to calm the body and the mind by focusing on that which is good or pleasurable that can help tell the body to relax, to soften, and to feel that for now, for this evening, everything will be alright. 

So, to incorporate this practice in your routine, I would like to invite you to be in any posture you like and to bring forth a thought of something that you’re grateful for. Something that you really truly appreciate. Maybe it’s a person in your life. Maybe it was the weather today. Or a pet or an animal that you love. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re alive. 

Let’s bring our awareness to those things that we’re grateful for. The little things that we appreciate. Perhaps you have soft sheets in your bed. Maybe you appreciate how quiet the room is where you are right now. Maybe you appreciate that you have this time for yourself. To relax, to wind down. 

To be able to find comfort in this moment with feelings of appreciation, warmth, safety, and feelings of ease in the body. Appreciating each breath. Each inhale and exhale this breath that keeps us alive. Relaxing the belly with each breath, each beautiful breath….

Feeling thankful for this moment of ease and comfort and safety.

Feeling appreciation for this moment of ease and well-being. 

Letting go of any tightness and just inviting a sense of warm appreciation of kind awareness of our breath and our body. Consider this quote from Lufina Lorderaasch.

“Gratitude is not in the words but in the heart, which expresses it.”

Gratitude is not in the words but in the heart, which expresses it. What meaning do you draw from these words? Gratitude is not in the words but in the heart, which expresses it. What meaning do you draw? 

How does your heart express gratitude? 

In what ways does your heart express gratitude? 

How has gratefulness nurtured your love? 

Claim your place on this planet as a woman of power and grace!

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