Divine Colors: Being Black in a Shaded, Modern World

One American saying that I like a lot is, “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!” Whilst I may not use this statement often, I have found myself saying that a lot lately, and I’d like to share a couple of things that make me feel sick and tired. But upon second thought, I realize that this is never a good way to start a conversation or establish a friendship. Instead, I will take you on quick trip to Ghana, to my father’s tribal homeland Oguaa, or Cape Coast, located on the southern part of the country.I [...]

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A Poem by Mensimah Shabazz

Some years ago, I wrote the poem below titled "Tompala," and it pains me to think that, a decade plus later, women are still experiencing different levels of trauma through wars, sexual violence, domestic violence, and children’s hunger in this world. It also seems that when we speak out, our voices get muffled by the masculine shout to be quiet, to know our place, and just plain get over it.What I find most painful about all of this is that there are some women who idealize how men would prefer women to address or deal with these issues, and they [...]

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