Transformational Coaching

Personal Leadership for Women – Leveraging Your Power

Benefits of Hiring a Relationship Coach

Transformational Coaching –
Personal Leadership for Women

The essence of personal leadership for women is to balance being a leader in their own life choices with being in partnership with others, including spouse, co-workers, family, children and friends.

Mensimah will help you examine how:

  • You are being heard in all relationships (Balancing, nurturing and living in your own truth)
  • You are being present in all relationships
  • You are maintaining dignity.

The essence of woman’s personal leadership is to:

  • Overcome challenges in all relationships
  • Identify/develop the philosophy (or philosophies) that connects them to their power and fulfillment.

Mensimah guides and teaches women entrepreneurs, professionals, and mothers how to develop strategies that allow them to:

  • Be authentic
  • Highlight strengths
  • Reveal their passions
  • Narrate stories that bear witness to who they truly are, ultimately living with more joy!

I Teach Clients to:

See a dramatic shift in how they see their world and make adjustments for self-healing.

Understand and identify their processes towards empowerment and fulfillment.

Develop an authentic approach to living freely and with joy.

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