Mensimah Shabazz Women's Virtual Gathering

Women’s Virtual Gathering

Do you know when you stopped singing?
Do you know when you stopped dancing?
Do you know when you stopped being enchanted with stories, your own story?
Do you know when you stopped feeling uncomfortable with silence?

In my native land we say that if you can sing, you can tell the truth. If you can walk, you can dance. We can use these instruments of Spirit and move forward with courage, humor, harness our dreams, imbued with mystery and connection with the beauty in nature, with Source, the Divine. We are going to incorporate in our Women’s Circle, drum medicine, to help us journey trans-dimensionally, using cross-cultural tools for healing.

Come, sing your soul song and dance with me!
Let’s experience a journey of rhythm and sound.

Benefits of Joining Our Circle:

• Find balance using inter-woven resources of wisdom and creativity
• Deepen relationships, emotional growth, spiritual understanding and transformation
• Embrace living a new reality
• Find new sources of inspiration
• Move beyond the familiar
• Stay connected to wonder and awe
• Bridge between sky (masculine) and heart (feminine).